[NCLUG] Broadband ISP options in Fort Collins

Rich Young rich at experienceplus.com
Tue Jan 18 12:35:09 MST 2005

Yeah, I'm pretty sure the no-servers rule applies to both cable and
CWX would be workable provided you don't have serious tree issues, but
you say 
they're too slow.  I dunno, man, it sounds like you really shouldn't buy
house -- or talk the seller into coming down in price enough to finance
a fiber 
installation ;^)

Seriously, though, one idea I've considered is cable, plus colocating a
at work or at a friend's house, somewhere there are more options.  That
give you the torrent-capable bandwidth you desire, and the ability to
a low-bandwidth server to fuel your need for autonomy.  

Similarly, you could purchase more than one service, or a bigger product
like T1 
or fiber, and defray the costs by sharing with neighbors.  

It sounds as if you're going to have to get that creative if you can't
get DSL.  
There don't appear to be any easy answers that meet all of your needs on

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Rich Young wrote:

> Stephen-
> 	I'm also out of DSL range and not served by a cable internet 
> provider.  Here's what I've found in my attempts to find broadband in 
> my
> area:
> Satellite ($hundreds to start up, roughly $60/month thereafter.  
> Latency
> issues)
> Mesa Networks wireless ($100ish to start, $35-60/month thereafter.
> Serves eastern FC, but not my area)
> CWX wireless ($125 plus equipment to start, $30-40/month for 128-256K 
> connections. Requires line-of-sight to ridgeline behind Horsetooth.)
> I don't remember from your original question if 256 is fast enough for

> you; I think Quail Hollow is off Overland between Prospect and 
> Mulberry, but I might be wrong about that.  (Can you give us a 
> marketing-free fix on your location, like cross-streets or something?)

> If that's really where you are, Mesa won't work (too far west) and you

> might be too close to the foothills to see over them to the CWX 
> antennae above Horsetooth (can you see Horsetooth Rock from your 
> house, for example?).  They have a map of the antennae locations on
their website (cwx.net).

256 is a little slow than I'd like...

I (will be!) located literally just south of Drake (yard pretty much
backs onto it), between Shields and Overland. The street is Fox Run Ct. 
I'm not giving out the number simply because I haven't moved yet (or
closed on the house!)

I can easily see Horsetooth rock. Anything along the whole length of
that ridge is probably fine. If you're talking about a ridge behind it,
I'm probably screwed.

And actually, I'm pretty certain I can get cable Internet - but they
still appear to have a very strict no-servers no-static-ip policy
according to their customer service people I just talked to.
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