[NCLUG] Evolution Exchange Connector

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Wed Jan 19 19:21:14 MST 2005

has anyone here gotten the exchange connector to work in evolution? 

I am trying to move to evolution to check my exchange email, using the ximian
connector. However, I am having problems. When I try and setup the connection
through evolution mostly I get the "Error while Scanning folders in "Exchange
server server.domain". Could not connect to Evolution Exchange backend process:
No such file or directory." If I stop and restart evolution it then will let me
enter a password, but never likes it (and yes it is correct), what I see is a
TCP 443 connection to the OWA server, then some kerberos requests. I don't
understand the need for the kerberos requests and it seems like that's where its

If I use ximian-connector-setup-2.0 it makes a much longer connection to the OWA
server but then dies claiming the IIS-lockdown problem. It was my understanding
that this problem only affected the calendar, is that not the case? Running
through debugging I see a BPROFIND request then a 404 and then it dies. I am
working on getting our helpdesk to allow that request type, but it could take
awhile if it ever does happen.

Any ideas folks? Anyone on the list that has set this up successfully yet?

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