[NCLUG] Broadband ISP options in Fort Collins

Matt rosing at peakfive.com
Thu Jan 20 08:47:31 MST 2005

 > Rich Young wrote:
 > ...
 > And actually, I'm pretty certain I can get cable Internet - but they
 > still appear to have a very strict no-servers no-static-ip policy
 > according to their customer service people I just talked to.

I use no-ip.com to handle the no-static-ip problem. Assuming you want
to serve web pages from your own domain there are a couple of ways to
hide the server, assuming you don't generate a ton of trafic.  no-ip
has a port 80 redirect feature, so when someone looks to port 80 at
your website it gets redirected to a port of your choice.  So put your
sever at 8000 and nobody will find it. The other option I've heard of
is to configure apache to not serve pages if the request is to a raw
ip address. So, if the request is to then apache responds
with some error, but if the request is to www.domain.org, then the
correct page is returned.  

Now, by the letter of the service agreement this is a violation but if
you're serving fewer web pages than the amount of email you send, this
really isn't different than, say, driving 4 mph over the speed limit
on I-80 in Nebraska :)


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