[NCLUG] Re: Broadband ISP options in Fort Collins

Michael Milligan milli at acmeps.com
Sat Jan 22 16:29:20 MST 2005

Matt wrote:
>  > I have the 1.5 down / 768 up service ($28/mon from 
>  > Qwest), 
>  > ...
> Does DSL uniformly get these speeds around Fort Collins?  When DSL

No.  There are still the distance limitations.  But they have the 
ability to terminate DSL connections in pedestals that are large enough 
to have a "remote terminal" installed in them.  (Phone co term it seems. 
  I'm sure there's a remote terminal plus a mini-DSLAM.)  In my case, 
the pedestal with the right equipment in it is less than a mile from my 
house.  In fact, after the Qwest guy installed the equipment in the 
pedestal, he went knocking on all the doors in my area letting people 
know about DSL availability.


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