: Re: [NCLUG] forwarding email, was Broadband ISP in Fort

Matt rosing at peakfive.com
Thu Jan 27 14:13:31 MST 2005

 > > I presume the blacklist you're talking about is the "DUL", or "Dial-up
 > > Line" RBL?  You could disable the DUL RBL from your SpamAssassin setup, but
 > > most people are probably still going to be blocking direct outgoing mail
 > > from you.  For good reason, dial-up lines are just too frequently used for
 > > abuse.
 > > 
 > It's probably the Dynamic IP address BHL.  I block mail from known
 > dynamic IP ranges, such as Comcast, with the zones from sorbs.
 > http://www.dnsbl.au.sorbs.net/using.shtml
 > If you're assigned an IP address is a dynamic IP range, you have
 > to relay your mail through a legit mail server.

Yep, this is what it was.  I was looking for a cheap "legit mail
server". I could save $20/month by dumping comcast and getting qwest
basic internet.

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