[NCLUG] Switching IPs & Maintaining Connections

jeff jeff at themoes.org
Sun Jan 30 11:08:02 MST 2005

I have lots of virtual desktops each set up to "do their own 
thing", e.g. one with email, irc, web browser, a ton of xterms, 

I also switch IPs all the time: ethernet at home, wireless @ 
Mugs or wherever, dialup cell when moving.

The problem is that each time I switch IPs, I need to restart a 
lot of these connections. The xterms are particularily a pain 
to re-setup. I know I could use `screen` for this, but that 
only gets me half-way, as I'd still have to restart `screen` on 
each of them.

I was wondering if there was some way to proxy this via 
localhost or something, where I could just change my external 
IP, but not lose any of the connections. Or perhaps there is 
another way...

Any ideas?



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