[NCLUG] shfs

jeff jeff at themoes.org
Mon Jan 31 12:36:11 MST 2005

Thanks for all the comments on switching IPs. :) OpenVPN looks 
like the best option... I do use screen, but not very often (my 
main issue is resetting up all those windows which are "just 
exactly" where I want--I have scripts for lots of that too).

Anyway, how about another Q? :)

Anyone have much experience with shfs? 

NFS woes are getting me down and things like coda/afs/etc don't 
appear to be that good of a solution. Some of the NFS problems 
may be related to XFS & the 4k stack in Fedora. But still, NFS 
ain't so great even when it's running, and v4 is pretty young.

This is in a mixed environment of fedora, debian, & openbsd.

shfs looks very nice, but I'm surprised I haven't heard more 
about it. What's the catch? :)  Why isn't it in the kernel...? 
Can it be used reliably between a big fileserver and a number 
of web/ftp/rsync/etc servers?


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