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Ross duckhomicide at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 13 22:59:22 MDT 2005

After doing some more research, from a logical standpoint with regards to my situation,
Boulder or the area around Boulder appears to be a much better choice.  Everyone I
have asked about Greeley who lives there, within the last week, has expressed the same
opinion you have.   I'm also looking to go to school, and would rather attend University
of Colorado instead of University of Northern Colorado.  Thanks for the advice, I think you
just helped me avoid making a serious mistake in relocating.
Thanks again,

glenn maxey <glennsquared at yahoo.com> wrote:
Hi Ross,

Subscribe to the yahoo group RMIUG (Rocky Mountain
Internet User Group.) Subscribe in digest mode,
because I get at least two mailings a day each with 25
job postings, not all of them applicable to me.

In addition, set up a search engine on
www.careerbuilders.com for the Fort
Collins/Loveland/Greeley area. 

See about getting an early membership to Northern
Colorado Networking group (www.noconet.org) and its
sister CollectiveNet (both free, but require
permission if you aren't currently in the area; no

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but (a) Greeley
isn't as small as you think and (b) Northern Colorado
currently has a glut in high tech people pounding the
pavement due to layoffs at the name brands (HP,
Agilent, LSI, Celestica, Advanced Energy, ...)

The Denver/Boulder/Broomfield area is picking up in
its high tech hiring. For example, I personally
commute in a vanpool from Fort Collins to Boulder for
a contract job. There's a woman from Greeley in our
vanpool, plus a man from Greeley in the other Boulder
vanpool. (Look up www.smarttrips.org.)

The point is, if you move to Greeley, you might end up
commuting 1+ hours one-way to a job in the Denver
metro area. Hence the vanpool/carpool website:
dedicated nap time, no wear on your vehicles, and an
excuse to get to work and leave ON TIME.

If I weren't otherwise bound to Fort Collins and were
moving to Colorado, I'd seriously consider moving to
the greater Denver metro area (including Broomfield,
Westminster, Boulder), because there are more job
options and easier commutes. As it is, the Denver Tech
Center is far enough away to be out of contention for
me despite the vanpools. It'd be a different story if
I were in Denver.

That's everything you really need to know in a
nutshell. Get to it.


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> Hello,
> I am moving to Greeley within the next six months
> from Austin, TX. 

> I know Greeley is rather small, but does
> anyone have any suggestions regarding System
> Administrator or Analyst work in the Greeley area?
> Glad to find a local Linux user's list :-)
> -- Ross Smith

Glenn Maxey
glennsquared at yahoo.com
(c) 720 244 1830

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