[NCLUG] OT: Computer/network gear for sale

Matt Bruehl mbr at fc.intel.com
Fri Jul 22 15:49:39 MDT 2005


I have some network and computer gear for sale.  First I'll list it, 
then refer you to my webpage for photos, details and prices.

The shipping prices will not apply to local sales...  And I'll accept 
returns on things that don't meet your needs.

- Baynetworks Baystack 250 and 251 series 10/100 hubs
- HP Surestore 6000 external DAT tape drive
- Ethernet repeater
- RadioShack TRS-80 Model III
- HP Procurve Advancestack 100VG Bridge module
- AMP Champ System5 24-port Patch Panels
- TALOS FAST-20 USCSI/SE disk/tape tester
- HP 1142A Probe control and power module
- HP9000 Core I/O card for K-Class systems
- Silicon Graphics Fiber Channel Hub

I also have a Cisco 2514 router that I'm testing and will be selling 
next week.

Additionally, I have a complete Nikon 35mm Camera Kit I'll be selling 
next week.  Check the webpage next week for an update!

Here is the website:


Please email me at mbr at fc.intel.com for more information and inquires.  
I'll accept Paypal or cash.

Matt Bruehl

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