[NCLUG] Fwd: Updated information from my presentation

James DeWitt jdewitt at verinet.com
Thu Nov 3 16:51:20 MST 2005

Hi NCLUGgers,

Mike from Novell sent along some answers to 
questions asked during his presentation in October.
I don't want to post his email address, but if you 
would like to contact him please let me know.

Thanks Mike!


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Subject: Updated information from my presentation
Date: Wednesday 02 November 2005 7:05 am
From: "Mike Friesenegger"

Hello James and Roger,

Thanks again for allowing me to present to the group about Novell and Suse. 
 I have some updated information for the group concerning the question I
 received about Not Included/Obsolete packages in the upcoming release of
 SLES10.  There was a gentleman that was asking these questions and I hope
 you could pass this information along to him.

Not included/obsolete package
linuxthreads support * obsolete, replaced by NPTL
GFS * GFS has issues getting acceptance by kernel.org
JFS * IBM has announced EOL of JFS
Lustre * Lustre has issues getting acceptance by kernel.org.  Goal is to
 ensure Lustre is certified and supported. ReiserFS4 * ReiserFS4 has issues
 getting acceptance by kernel.org
S/390 31bit * IBM announced EOL, we will support 64bit zSeries only
Binary only drivers (device driver delivery process)

Thank you.

Michael Friesenegger

Novell, Inc.
Software for the Open Enterprise

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