[NCLUG] what's a good configuration management tool ?

Gabriel Somlo gsomlo at gmail.com
Tue May 9 16:08:15 MDT 2006


Assuming a large-ish Fedora deployment, with kickstart determining
which RPMs get
installed on which box, and yum taking care of keeping things up to
date, the one
remaining issue is how to handle the various config files specific to
individual machines.

I'd like to have these stored on some server, and be able to both push files
to the repository (e.g., after tweaking a machine, I'd like to save the modified
config file), and pull (e.g., when I rebuild a box, I'd like to suck
down all config
files once everything else is in place).

Included here are also things such as various users' crontab files,
the status of
chkconfig for installed services, etc., in addition to things such as
the /etc/raddb/
directory (if the box happens to be a radius server).

Any ideas what to look for, and what to avoid ?

Thanks much,


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