[NCLUG] what's a good configuration management tool ?

Gabriel Somlo gsomlo at gmail.com
Wed May 10 14:04:50 MDT 2006

>   http://www.infrastructures.org/papers/bootstrap/bootstrap.html

Thanks, that's a great paper !

>   http://www.onlamp.com/pub/a/onlamp/2004/04/15/cfengine.html
>   http://www.onlamp.com/pub/a/onlamp/2004/05/13/distributed_cfengine.html

I also found this other thing, called 'puppet'
seems to be similar to cfengine, at least at a summary glance.

In truth, I was hoping everyone's doing this already, and all I have to do is
figure out the most standard, canonical for my distro, free software project
that does this, and set it up... Looks like I get to be on the cutting
edge though :)


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