[NCLUG] Bazcamp the first week of June by Loveland.

Sean Reifschneider jafo at tummy.com
Wed May 10 23:25:29 MDT 2006

June 2 through 4 (Friday through Sunday) we are doing another Bazcamp.
Bazcamp is like, yet unlike, the foo and bar camps that have been going on.
We had one last September, and will be doing one this June and also
September again.

It's basically a camping trip with computers and wireless Internet.  The
location is just north of Loveland, about 45 minutes from Boulder.  Space
is limited, especially camp space (we reserved the spaces 4 to 5 months
ago, and it was already filling up then).  However, there will probably be
plenty of space for single-day drop-ins.

See bazcamp.org for more information.

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