[NCLUG] Interesting Serial Console (Fwd: Opengear's console servers now embed Nagios software)

Warren Turkal wt at penguintechs.org
Mon Feb 12 10:58:45 MST 2007

I use this at CSU. It's a real quality serial terminal server based on a Linux 
software base. It looks like it has even more going for it now. Check this 


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Subject: Opengear's console servers now embed Nagios software
Date: Monday 12 February 2007 08:46
From: "Janeen Olsen" <janeen.olsen at opengear.com>
To: "'Turkal, Warren at Colorado State University'" <wt at atmos.colostate.edu>

Greetings Warren,

Opengear's console servers now embed Nagios software to monitor all the
serial and network attached IT infrastructure in your computer rooms.

Nagios will then inform you if there are any network problems and our IM4200
gateways and CM4000 console servers will enable you to rectify the problem

Contact us at sales at opengear.com or call 801 282 1387



Janeen Olsen

Opengear, Inc

Voice: 801 282 1387

Fax: 801 282 8496

Web: http://www.opengear.com <http://www.opengear.com/>


Warren Turkal (w00t)

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