[NCLUG] Re: ANN: NCLUG Hacking Society, June 05, 2007

Katy G. B. katy at dystonia-dreams.org
Mon Jun 4 20:43:17 MDT 2007

    **w00t*, another meeting,

i'd love to say i'll see you than... but well i haven't heard anything 
back from you.  are you still working on things?  how did the rest of 
the group respond?  i'm really excited to get a chance to meet everyone 
and actually /be/ in the open source community again.  again, and i 
really do mean this: you'll never understand how much it means to me 
that you are willing to move things around and make so many adjustments 
just so that i can attend the HackSoc meetings.  thank you again.  i'm 
getting ready to send out a thank you note to everyone on the list, but 
i did want to thank you specifically and give you an 
uber-big-extra-special thank you.

/with Goodness, Love, &Caring: Blessed, Healthy, Hopeful, &Safe May We 
All Always Be,
        Katy... *i have it, thousands do, and you‘ve prolly never even 
heard of it?  it twists our bodies; it can ruins our lives.... rarely it 
takes our life.  what it cannot twist, ruin, or take from us is our 
dreams <http://dystonia-dreams.org/>!  its /generalized dystonia:/ 
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Sean Reifschneider wrote:
>    Dinner: La Luz Mexican Grill, nalf block north and east, 7pm.
>    Meeting: Bean Cycle Coffee Shop, 144 N College Ave, 8pm
> This Tuesday from 8pm to 11pm we will be having another installment of the
> Hacking Society.  At 7pm we'll be gathering at a restaurant for dinner,
> then heading over to the Bean Cycle at 8pm for the main event.
> We will be meeting for dinner at 7pm at the La Luz Mexican Grill, half a
> block north and east of the Bean Cycle.
> The goal of the Hacking Society is to foster geek community-building
> through the shared experience of hacking. Of course, by "hacking",
> I mean the more historic meaning of working on interesting projects
> (Jargon File "hack" entry, sense 6). Not the "script kiddies trying to
> compromise boxes" meaning which has become what most people think of in
> relation to the term.
> It's meant to be a sacred place full of positive hacking energy, if you
> will.  Hacking by osmosis...
> Hacking Society is primarily meant for you to come and work on your own
> projects, as opposed to soliciting others to solve your problems (which is
> usually more what goes on at an Install Fest or at the main NCLUG
> meetings).
> More information on Hacking Society, including some ideas for projects to
> work on there, can be found at:
>    http://www.hackingsociety.org/
> Sean

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