[NCLUG] recent gnu find breaks -mtime semantics?

S. Luke Jones slukejones at gmail.com
Wed Jun 6 13:57:49 MDT 2007

I just did an update of all the gnu utility ports on my Mac at work,
and now it appears that

find some/path -mtime -5

only finds things between 5 and 6 days old. To get *everything*
0..5.9999 days old you have to do:

find some/path -mtime --5

WTF!? Is this a feature? I'm at work so I don't know what version I
have on my linux box at home. The version of find here on my mac is

On the one hand, it is a pain to get this functionality using \(
-mtime N1 -a ! -mtime N2 \), and it's trivial to add an extra minus
sign. But still. How many scripts is this "feature" going to break?

Luke Jones  slukejones at gmail.com

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