[NCLUG] Downgrade RPM?

Katy G. B. katy at dystonia-dreams.org
Fri Jun 29 01:17:08 MDT 2007

there's like so no point for force here,

    --oldpackage is added just for doing this; for reverting to and 
older version safely, without breaking unknown dependencies.  like if 
python was upgrade through yum it mighta, prolly upgraded other packages 
too like e.g. gnome2-python.  there's a proper way to do just about 
anything you can imagine without force.  there is one time that --force 
is always a girl's, or a guy's best friend, that's when *drum roll*  a 
package's file conflicts with a file from another copy of its self, but 
by another name.  e.g. "libxine 1.1.7 cannot be installed because 
'/usr/local/share/man/fo/bar/blah conflicts with package Xine-lib 
1.1.7".  lol, that's what i get for running an alpha release.. oh it is 
so like way improved.  i highly recommend openSUSE 10.3.  (and no 
they're not debian based, no they're not novell, that's SLED, and no 
please no flames: its just my distro of choice).  okay, yah just my 
thoughts on using --force.  i.e.; it only 'fixes' rpm errors - it 
usually just breaks like way more important stuff.

Mike Loseke wrote:
> On 6/12/07, Sean Reifschneider <jafo at tummy.com> wrote:
>> On Tue, Jun 12, 2007 at 11:36:30AM -0600, BJ Tiemessen wrote:
>> >Don't forget you will have to force the old version.  "rpm -Uvh --force
>> Never, ever, use --force.  If you have to use --force, something is
>> probably wrong and you will probably --break it.  I'm convinced that 
>> a lot
>> of the problems people have with RPMs and their systems getting 
>> wedged are
>> because they used --force to install packages they really shouldn't 
>> have.
>> As Stephen says in his reply, --oldpackage is what you want in this
>> situation.  --force turns off too many other things, and will not 
>> warn you
>> about other problems that may exist with the package install.  For
>> example,
>> if you did "-i" instead of "-U", the force will cause it to not warn you
>> about the impending issues.
>> Please, don't use --force, and in particular don't off-handedly 
>> recommend
>> it's use.  It causes way more problems than it solves.
> But it usually leads to a clean re-install, which can be a good thing. :)
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