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On Fri, Jun 29, 2007 at 02:45:45AM -0600, Katy G. B. wrote:
>well i finally read the HackSoc choice,

Just to be clear to anyone else out there who is handicapped...  There is
an NCLUG gathering nearly every week of the month which is completely
wheelchair accessible.  The main meeting in the space that is graciously
donated by College America is completely wheelchair accessible.  The
remaining weeks of the month we have a dinner in Old Town, and the vast
majority of the time that is at a wheelchair accessible place.  Given a
day or a few notice of attendance, we could even re-schedule the dinner
location, as it moves every week.

The group discussed it and decided that because we had to change not only
location but also time, time of the gathering before it, and possibly night
of the week (the proposed alternate location was scheduling music on
Tuesday nights), and that nobody had taken advantage of the many
wheelchair accessible gatherings that we DO have, that we were not ready to
make the changes.

I would like to point out that both James and myself personally invited
Katy to the second Tuesday main NCLUG meeting, and also to the dinners on
several other occasions.

I've left out most of the "in defense of this position" discussion because
it really is off topic.  If anyone really feels I should share the details
of this, let me know.

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