[NCLUG] *hugs*, hi I hope that you're doing great!

DJ Eshelman djsbignews at gmail.com
Wed May 16 00:01:59 MDT 2007

Right on!  Welcome.  Hopefully I'll actually get to see everyone at this
next meeting as well!

So, I'm curious - is anyone else just feeling really ticked at the latest M$
plot to claim Linux infringes on patents?  Surely this doesn't have anything
to do with the new announcements from Dell, HP and Lenovo about Ubuntu being
shipped on laptops...  Like they weren't feeling truly threatened until they
realized that new systems were being shipped without Windows (Linux for
desktop has typically been put on older PCs, not new ones)?

I know as a "Microsoft" shop at work I'm supposed to fall in line... but
this stuff just makes my skin crawl.  I feel all dirty every time I sell a
new server or PC with Windows :)  Which is pretty much daily...  given that
volume I wonder why M$ even really cares to make baseless threats (so far
this has all been FUD- they haven't released any data on what patents have
supposedly been violated).

sorry, just had to get that off my chest...  One of my clients is a patent
law firm, I'll be very curious to talk to them about this next time I
visit.  I'll let you know what perspective they bring to it, if any.

-DJ Eshelman

On 5/15/07, Katy G. B. <katy at dystonia-dreams.org> wrote:
>     **hugs*, oh hon*
> hello everyone :).  my name's katy(no-duh huh).  i've been "using" linux
> since circa 1993(if what we had back than was "usable", LOL.  i remember
> the days of the five floppy minix... and like oh my god am i glad we've
> moved past that.  now i'm a web designer, developer, internet artist,
> hacker, code junky... can syntax be considered a drug?  i write in like
> everything from c to php(my faves) and tons more.  anyways i'm now
> disabled because of a neuro-muscular disease called generalized dystonia
> <http://dystonia-dreams.org/> but i still code, create, &write like all
> i can.  anyways i'm looking forward to meeting everyone next month and
> yeah i was also wondering when the next meeting of the hackingsociety
> is?  anyways just my basic hello, hi, &for Goodness sakes i hope
> everyone is doing wonderfully.  *hugs*
> take care & ttfn: katy
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