[NCLUG] Fort Collins Pythonistas Kickoff Meeting - 6 Nov 2008 @ 6 pm

Brian Wood bwood at beww.org
Sat Nov 1 08:53:57 MDT 2008

On Oct 31, 2008, at 6:05 PM, Goodman,Darrin wrote:

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>> It looks like we now have 22 on the list, I'm not sure who the
>> last person in there was...  Do we need to officially cut off
>> the attendance at 21, or...?
> If I place an extra chair at each table, I believe that we should be  
> able to fit about 20 or 21, if memory serves me correctly.  However,  
> if we have a couple of extra people, and if they don't mind sitting  
> on the sidelines, I can provide extra chairs, but they'll probably  
> be without any table space.  It's safe to say that we should go  
> ahead and cut off the attendance.  It looks like Chad Perrin is  
> unable to make the Thursday date, so I'll remove him from the list  
> of attendees; this makes 21.  Since there are one and possibly two  
> instructors who are on this list, I'd say that we are looking at 19  
> or 20 students (there is a podium up front for the instructor).
>> ALSO, I was wondering how many people might need Internet access?
>> I imagine that CSU has some policy about this, but is it not possible
>> for us to bring in an AP and connect it to the wired net for the
>> duration of this event?
> Yes.  I sent a message out to the list earlier today to address this  
> question.  We will have wireless access for the evening.  I will  
> also bring a 24 port switch in case anyone needs to be hard wired.

I will also bring a router, a switch and a box full of cables, just in  
case anyone needs them. I'll also bring my B'Berry, which I can tether  
to my laptop, though Verizon's vaunted "high speed" is not all that  
fast. It IS a lot faster in Colorado than here in Wyoming, where data  
rates are measured in bytes per fortnight.

Actually, I don't see why I would need net access. I think a pair of  
ears and a notepad (paper type) will probably be all I need.

I don't need table space, though it would be nice. I can write on my  
knees pretty well.

Also looking forward to a fun and informative evening.


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