[NCLUG] Ubuntu CDs for NoCo

Bob Proulx bob at proulx.com
Tue Nov 25 21:27:31 MST 2008

Jim Hutchinson wrote:
> bwood wrote:
> > I had heard something about free WiFi in downtown FtC, is this
> > true? Do I need to sign up or something?
> No, it's open wifi around the downtown area. Not sure who supports it -
> local businesses maybe. Nothing to sign up for but the few times I tried it
> it was hard to connect to but could have been location/hardware.

There are a zillion access points downtown.  One of the "official"
free ones is FRII.  (http://frii.com/wireless/faq.html,
http://cbs4denver.com/seenon/wireless.internet.fort.2.560494.html) But
it isn't good for me since apparently they block ssh port 22 access.
That is really annoying.  Probably okay for casual web surfer though.
But since I would want to use either the ssh port or the openvpn port
I just find them frustrating.

Instead I would try to connect with any of the coffee shops.  There
are several within the area that all have good wifi connectivity.
Also some of the restaurants have wifi too (although some like Eliot's
have a key that you have to ask for, like an old time gas station
washroom) but are also no cost.


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