[NCLUG] USB Solid State Drive Enclosure

William Steffes william.steffes at comcast.net
Sun Aug 16 22:36:23 MDT 2009

Lee Clark wrote:
> You can go get a usb 2.0  to SATA/IDE cable from here
> That is standard and laptop IDE.
> http://www.emtcompany.com/products/adapters/usbsata-usb-to-sata-ide-adapter-cable.htm
> or  here
> http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16812232002
> There is a store in Fort Collins that sells it but I can't think of the name. 
> It is the one almost to the next traffic light from Drake as you are heading south on College Ave.
> I paid 30 for mine but.
> It have a power supply for any hard drive, and I think it uses the usb power for laptops.
> I like it because I can hook up any drive even a cd or dvd to it for as long as I need.
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> From: Patrick McDonald <marlowe at antagonism.org>
> Sent: Saturday, August 15, 2009 11:34:10 PM
> Subject: [NCLUG] USB Solid State Drive Enclosure
> You ever had one of those days?  I lost (physically destroyed) two USB 
> drives today.  Unfortunately they were my main means of accessing my GPG 
> key.  I believe I may have a copy of my keyring on my Asus EEE 901 
> (Target 4GB).  However, I can't access this because the LCD is broken 
> and the power supply is MIA.  My hope is to pull the hard drive from the 
> Asus, pop it into an enclosure and pull off the needed data.  However, I 
> haven't been able to find an enclosure which will allow me to do this. 
> Any recommendations?
> Thanks,
> Patrick

I have this model


I recommend it for anyone you needs to access a drive in a pinch.

As Lee stated, this kind of thing should work for you


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