Grant Johnson grant at amadensor.com
Tue Mar 13 14:16:53 MDT 2012

It may be in sleep, but hibernation is a full power off, and requires the power button to get back. If it is slow out of sleep and has a lot of disk activity, it may just be swapped out. You could reduce the swappiness and see if it helps.
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Kerry Miller <n0wiq at comcast.net> wrote:

Hi People,

On this computer I have UBUNTU-11.10-amd64 as an operating system. I 
have load a compiled version of my program. I noticed when the system 
is left for a substantial time that when I press a key on the key board 
to wake it up that it takes a long time to finally light the monitor 
screen and the disk activity light is flashing while I wait. This 
appears to be something to do with system hibernation. How do I get it 
to stop hibernation?

Kerry N0WIQ
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