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> Unfortunately trying to describe how to monitor swap activity 
> isn't simple.  For me it generally involves a lot of typing in text 
> terminal windows and looking at command output. 

Conky is a light weight application that displays text output for all sorts of different types of system (and even non-system) information, although I have no idea if it will run on Gnome3.  I know that it works fine on Gnome2, as well as XFCE and OpenBox.  I use Conky to display real-time information related to cpu-usage, ram-usage, swap-usage, bandwidth-usage, and am using RSS to pull in weather information for various locations.  If it will run on Gnome3, this might be a simple solution for you to be able to view swap usage.  It's in the Ubuntu repositories and should be an easy install, and a quick web search will provide you with hundreds of examples of config files that others have created to display custom Conky output.


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