[NCLUG] Disk usage

Bob Proulx bob at proulx.com
Sat Oct 12 14:41:50 MDT 2013

Hi Kerry,

Kerry Miller wrote:
> I use disk partitions to segregate data on my hard disk.

Sure.  Everyone does.  Even if that is just one single partition. :-)

> I use /etc/fstab to auto mount the file structures on these
> partitions into various folders.

That is standard too.  All good.  Same as everyone.

> My question is: Is there an entry to put selected users into fstab?

The purpose of the /etc/fstab is to mount file systems.  So your
question about users leaves me with many questions about what you mean
there.  Please say more about what you are asking.  What do you mean
by putting users into the fstab?  The fstab isn't for users.  The
fstab is the file system table for listing file systems.

When mounting FAT file systems which are non-Unix and do not have a
concept of users it is possible to mount them using specific uids and
gids.  Typically USB storage is allowed to be mounted by non-root
users and then the uid defaults to the uid of the user doing the
mounting.  That usually works well.  But you can force a particular
uid/gid if desired.

Or are you asking if it is possible to allow non-root users to mount
various file systems that are not automatically mounted at boot time?


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