[NCLUG] Tuesday January 9, 2018 NCLUG Meeting

Bob Proulx bob at proulx.com
Tue Jan 9 20:06:33 MST 2018

James DeWitt wrote:
> What: Tuesday January 9, 2018 NCLUG Meeting
> Topic:  Short Topics!  Including, but not limited to:

The meeting opened with the usual scramble to get something to display
on the projector.  This provided a time of pleasant chatting among
those in the peanut gallery.

Eddie then started to talk about Rust.  As in the Rust Programming
Language named after the tree eating fungus.  Not the actual tree
eating fungus.  It is a heavily compile time checked language.  The
docs say, Rust is a programming language that’s focused on safety,
speed, and concurrency.


Some detail was spent talking about memory management and variable
scope lifetime since that is rather unique to the Rust language.  And
many other unique features that are particular to it.

Then Frank talked about Sozi.  Sozi is a zooming presentation editor
and player.  The docs say, Unlike in most presentation applications, a
Sozi document is not organised as a slideshow, but rather as a poster
where the content of your presentation can be freely laid out. Playing
such a presentation consists in a series of translations, zooms and
rotations that allow to focus on the elements you want to show.


Sozi is a presention tool using SVG and driving around moving the
camera looing at it.  A unique technique and pretty cool.  Frank then
used the Sozi presentation nested by using it as an example to talk
about the currently hot Meltdown vulnerability.

And then some of us adjourned to Coopersmith's for dinner.

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