[NCLUG] Tuesday June 12th, 2018 NCLUG Meeting

Bob Proulx bob at proulx.com
Tue Jun 12 19:27:33 MDT 2018

jdewitt at verinet.com wrote:
> What: Tuesday June 12th, 2018 NCLUG Meeting
> When: Tuesday June 12th, 2018, 6pm
> Where: Fort Collins Creator Hub,
>   1304 Duff Dr Unit 15, Fort Collins, CO; map:

James opened the meeting with a description of how the announcement
email failed to be sent this month due to a series of technical
events.  However the NCLUG meeting has been held on the second Tuesday
of the month regularly for a long time and so we had a good attendance

Although not really an NCLUG topic we were meeting at FCCH and
questions were asked about the new laser cutter.  Stephen talked a
little about the new 80 watt laser cutter.  A show and tell of a cut
sample was passed around.

Just by extemporaneous connections a discussion of small run PC board
manufacture spontaneously erupted.

Marc talked about the X Window System's terminal character set and how
to control it for XTerm for cutting and pasting via the primary
selection.  This allows one to control what gets selected with a
double-click hightlight to the primary selection.  Ubuntu apparently
modifies this from the standard.  If you like that then great.  If you
want the standard double-click selection of words then one can modify
it back to the traditional behavior.  The XTerm resources is the
"XTerm*VT100.charClass" class.

This led to some haphazard discussion of cut and paste under the X
Window system.  Single, double, triple clicks.  Right click extends.
Keyboard Shift-Insert pastes.  Use of 'xclip' for command line cutting
and pasting.  Marc described how he used xclip and xpaste to create a
virtual 10 cut buffers that could be easily switched between.  Acting
like a calculator register storage.

James then talked about a process to de-duplicate a set of files in a
large collection where there may be many duplicated files.

Planning for topics for the next meeting.

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