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Anna mitchell greeniguana4 at
Thu Nov 7 08:09:22 MST 2002

I went into a store in Greenwood Village yesterday and
it was really cool. I am new to computers and I
decided I wanted to run Linux over Microsoft. I found
this little store that has just opend. They specialize
in open source software. I was able to buy a computer
with Linux and Open office preinstalled. The man who
was working was great as well. As I said I don't know
if this is good content for your site or for your
meetings but I was browsing around trying to find out
more about this software on the web and came across
your site. They did sell Microsoft as well but it was
very geared towards Linux and OSX. 

Here is the stores info:
Da Vinci Technologies LLC
9694 E Arapahoe Rd.
Greenwood Village CO 80112

Check it out, as I said I don't know much but its the
only store I was able to find to help me with Linux.


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