Meeting Minutes, 20020910

Sean Reifschneider jafo at
Tue Sep 10 23:06:59 MDT 2002

Sean Reifschneider:

Worked on getting the Sprint CDMA card (Novatel Merlin C201) working under
Linux.  Based on some hints from Stephen at Novatel, I was actually able to
establish a connection directly in Linux.  There are still some problems,
but I'm definitely making progress.  Details are at

Evelyn Mitchell:

Prepared the suit for taking the spammer to court.

Alan Silverstein

I just screwed around with the i-opener asking stupid questions and reading
my email, you might also add that I did some job networking with a fellow
ex-HPite, and continued to review several thousand saved email addresses to
glean keepers.  :-)

Gabriel Somlo:

Messed with google query tracker, thanks to Evelyn for the name.
Getting ready to put it on the web-page and let it out in the wild.

Dan Frazier:

Signing a GPG key for a Debian developer, then had to go back to work.

Matt Taggart:

Signing a GPG key for a Debian developer, then had to go back to work.

Eric Schwartz

Hacked on PostNuke.  Added a facility to host downloads on the local system
as well as link to downloads on a remote site.

James Dewitt:

Tried to complete hour 6 of "Teach Yourself MySQL in 24 hours".

Charles Clarke:

Putzing around, nothing significant.

Michael Lewis:

Figured out how to deactivate an account in Zope, just by flipping
one switch.  Also added something to the resume board where all of the
fields that appear in the search form are automatically filled in from
their search form, then they just have to paste their resume in.
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