ANN: A full week of Hacking Society!

Sean Reifschneider jafo at
Sun Dec 26 16:24:21 MST 2004

The week of December 27 through 31, we will be having Hacking Society every
night.  Tuesday night will be the same bat time and same bat place with
dinner beforehand at Pulcinella's.  The rest of the meetings will be held
at Sean and Evelyn's place.  Monday we will get together at 7pm and Sean
and Evelyn will provide BBQ, mashed potatos, and cole slaw for dinner.
Wednesday and Thursday will be 7pm, probably ordering dinner in.  Friday
will be more of the same, but we will probably be heading to Old Town
around 10pm or 11pm to enjoy the fireworks.

Feel free to Hack or Slack as you desire.  At our house we have Playstation
2 and many board and card games.

If you are interested in joining us for any of the events at our place,
please let us know if you plan to be there for dinner, so that we can plan.
If you need directions to our place, let me know.

Hacking Society is primarily meant for you to come and work on your own
projects, as opposed to soliciting others to solve your problems (which is
usually more what goes on at an Install Fest or at the main NCLUG

More information on Hacking Society, including some ideas for projects to
work on there, can be found at:

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