June 13th NCLUG Meeting

James DeWitt jdewitt at verinet.com
Thu Jun 8 21:52:58 MDT 2006

Hi NCLUGers,

What: June NCLUG Meeting
When: Tuesday June 13th, 6pm
Where: College America,  4601 S Mason St, at Harmony (map at nclug.org)
Food afterwards: TBD

Presenters:  Sean Reifschneider, Carl Baldwin, Bob Proulx

Topic:  Texas Steel-cage Version Control System Death-match

	Version control systems...  You can't live without them, you can't take
them up to Wyoming and shoot them.  Things have come a long way from SCCS,
which Ken Thompson described as The Source Motel (Programs check in and
never check out).  Bob Proulx, Carl N. Baldwin, and Sean Reifschneider will
present a brief overview of version control systems and their features, and
then demonstrate Subversion, Darcs, and Git, primarily as multi-user
version-control systems.


Carl Baldwin is a CAD tools R&D engineer in Hewlett Packard's Systems
VLSI Lab in Fort Collins.

Bob Proulx works at HP.

Sean Reifschneider is a Member of Technical Staff and principal at
tummy.com, ltd., a local Fort Collins Linux System and Network
Administration consultancy.

See you there!

James DeWitt

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