November 10th NCLUG Meeting

James DeWitt jdewitt at
Thu Nov 5 15:52:42 MST 2009

Hi NCLUGers,

What: November 10th NCLUG Meeting
When: Tuesday  November 10th, 6pm
Where: College America,  4601 S Mason St, at Harmony (map at
Food afterwards: South China (next door)

Presenter: Jim Baker

Topic:  Python Performance Optimization 

You have great unit tests. Your Python code is correct, or at least as
much as you can tell with your testing. Now you may want to optimize
the performance of some of that code, so as to improve the user
experience, reduce costs, or enhance scalability. In this talk, we will
look at how to apply some proven techniques for optimizing Python
performance. First we will discuss some approaches to profiling, which
is what you should do first. Then we will examine a variety of
optimization strategies, from small optimizations, to using better
algorithms and more appropriate data structures, to the impact of using
a better fitting (or perhaps more well-written) library, and more. And
we will look at what exactly you may want to optimize, whether that is
response time, throughput, or various other related metrics, and how to
appropriately balance. Lastly, as it comes up, we will also discuss
some of the differences between the various implementations, like
CPython and Jython.

See you there!

James DeWitt

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