[NCLUG] spam problem with qmail

mherndon mherndon at lamar.colostate.edu
Tue Jan 13 18:05:49 MST 2004

rcpthosts only shows 3 items, one of which is localhost, domain belonging to 
box, and a virtual domain.

The relaymailfrom shows addresses from our box since we have many folks to 
access their mail from offsite.

The reason it uses the smtp-backdoor is because of the Vexira antivirus.  
Would it cause any interference with that?

I was considering patching with the tarpit.patch file from

Is this a bad idea?  Do you use this?  If so, how did you install it?

We use webmin also, and I noticed when I tried to set a password for a mail 
account, it generated the following error:

Your system has MD5 passwords enabled, but neither the perl MD5 or Digest::MD5 
module is not installed. site:www.webmin.com

Could this misconfigured script be allowing access from the outside?

Thanks for the help.  -Mark

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