[NCLUG] Creating a remote bridge

hugh at mahon.cwx.net hugh at mahon.cwx.net
Tue Jul 6 15:29:28 MDT 2004

Hi Kevin,

> Thanks Kevin,
> I'll give it a shot. I was looking at OpenVPN, but did
> not see anything about how it handled Windows clients.

I've set up OpenVPN for a couple of sites where Windows connectivity 
is required.

In the process I learned that Windows clients use their Ethernet IP 
address as their source addr over the encrypted link rather than the 
VPN 'local' address (I could see it on the other side of the link 
using tcpdump and ethereal).  If you are using bridged mode this 
probably isn't a problem.  I wasn't using a bridged setup (in order to 
allow connections in from multiple locations).

I've addressed the problem with IP masquerading (or NAT) on the remote 
side.  I used a Linux box as the endpoint for the VPN to allow a 
connection to other machines on the remote LAN. 

If anyone knows better methods for handling this feature of Windows I 
would love to learn more!

To be clear:

Home                                     remote
-----                                    ------
Windows<===============================>Linux<---->remote LAN

> Michael C.

I hope this helps.

Hugh Mahon

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