[NCLUG] Comcast DHCP lease interval

Jim Turpin jim at jimsrevenge.com
Wed Jul 7 10:47:46 MDT 2004

I recently had one for over a year until it switched on me.....but I think
we had a power outage that day for a few hours....one way to change your ip
on Comcast is spoof your mac address to something else. I have had problems
getting access to my house from my girlfriends house. I usually just muff
around with the mac address getting new ips until I find one with a route to
my house.

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>I'd like to know what kind of DHCP lease times people are seeing. . .

For three months time and four months time I've had the same IP. I'm 
on all the time, but the "lease" is for only about a week.

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