[NCLUG] FS: Laptop & bag

Stephen Warren swarren at wwwdotorg.org
Tue Feb 28 20:27:39 MST 2006

NOTE: The connector on the power supply is broken off. The PSU and
laptop work fine, you just can't plug it in. Looking on eBay, compatible
adapters are ~$10-15. The adapter is included if you feel like trying to
hack on a new connector you have lying around. The battery charges fine,
but I used most of it to copy off my data when I broke the power cable.

Dell Latitude CPi
Pentium-II 266MHz
128M RAM
14" screen (I believe) 1024x768
Has run Windows 2000, and more recently Fedora Core 3 Linux
802.11b WiFi card (works under Linux)
Bay that will accept either floppy drive or CD-ROM (both included)
Cable to attache the floppy externally

Includes a very nicely fitting laptop bag.

Yours for $50, or best offer if nobody bites (If you don't want the
laptop, buy the bad and WiFi card, get the laptop free;-) I'm serious
about getting rid of this, so I'll drop the price after a week or so if
I need:-)

I can bring to NCLUG/hacking-society meetings, or you can pickup.

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