[NCLUG] Fedora Core Stuff

jeff jeff at themoes.org
Mon Jan 1 16:14:36 MST 2007

David Braley wrote:
> Hello Group,
> This is more of a question for the Fedora users on this list:
> How nicely does Fedora play when upgrading between major releases like
> from 4 to 5, or from 5 to 6? Is a fresh install the best way to go? I am
> assuming a "yum update, yum upgrade" keeps you at the same major release
> number like 5.xx or 6.xx.

`yum` will just bring in updates, it won't upgrade you to the next major 
release (e.g. 5 to 6). You could modify your /etc/yum.repos.d/* files to point 
at the next release, but this is very unsupported.

Upgrading from 5 to 6, for example, via CD works fine. You don't need to do a 
fresh install. I've done boxes from RedHat 9 to each Fedora release up to FC5 
without problems.


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