[NCLUG] *Hugs*

Katy katy at dystonia-dreams.org
Tue Jan 9 01:24:15 MST 2007

Merry meet,

        Hello everyone.  I'm new to this UG & i just wanted to say 
hello.  I'm a internet artist and i work mainly with PHP, XHtml, 
JavaScript, CSS, and C.  I could go on for like way to long like trying 
to like list like all of the languages that I know, but I'd prolly bore 
everyone even more than I'd like bore myself(which would be like way 
bad).  I'm like currently using OpenSUSE 10.1, I like really want to 
upgrade to 10.2 but it doesn't play nice with my Dell Inspriron E1705's 
display setup.  I'm not sure what it doesn't like but all XWindows will 
display is at 1024x768 and I like seriously can't go back to that 
resolution *ick*.  Well like, i just like wanted to like say hello, so 
this is like hello.

Happy, Hopeful, & Safe May We All Always Be!
Merry part & **Blessed Be**,

        Please visit my /_MySpace page_/ 
<http://www.myspace.com/imdesigningdreams> and my Care2 page 

I administrate an on line support group called Dystonia D.R.E.A.M.S. 
<http://dystonia-dreams.org/> we like focus on like supporting everyone 
who like suffers from like any type of Generalized Dystonia.  We support 
G.D. sufferers exclusively.  I myself like suffer from /_Early-Onset 
Generalized Dystonia_/ 
<http://www.dystonia-foundation.org/defined/early.asp>, which has left 
me permanently bed ridden or wheel chair bound.  I like also have 
another disease called /_salt-wasting C.A.H.(Congenital Adrenal 
<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Congenital_adrenal_hyperplasia>, which is 
one of the /_Disorders of Sex Development_/ 
<http://www.dsdguidelines.org/>.  This has caused me more unnecessary 
emotional and physical pain than I could like ever express.  This pain 
is through physical, sexual, & medical abuse.  Anyone can like feel free 
to like contact me about either or like both rare diseases.

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