[NCLUG] Looking for an editor

Bob Proulx bob at proulx.com
Sun May 6 20:48:01 MDT 2007

Not liking cross-posted discussions because I am rarely subscribed to
the other one I removed the clue-talk list.

Grant Johnson wrote:
> I am looking for an editor that will show me hex values, and preferably 
> decimal values as well for a large binary file.   I would prefer 
> something X based, but curses would be OK too.

Of course no discussion would be completely without mentioning Emacs.
Emacs can edit raw binary files.  And inside emacs the the
hexlify-buffer command may be used to edit the file in a hex binary

> I am working on some audio files, and really need to look at the numbers 
> associated with each sample.
> There are many out there.   I am mostly looking for opinions on which 
> are good, and which are kinda stinky.

For specialized applications such as that you may find it significant
enough that it is overall better to write a custom dump/edit program
to work with them.


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