[NCLUG] Need to write to non-owned file

S Luke Jones slukejones at gmail.com
Fri May 11 19:24:09 MDT 2007

Bob Proulx wrote:
> Stephen Warren wrote:
>> bsimpson at att.net wrote:
>>> I am writing a C++ application that must read a file, alter it,
>>> then write it back out.  This file may be owned by another user,
>>> and be writable only by that user.  In this case I display a
>>> popup to enter that user's password.  Once I have that password,
>>> how do I write to that user's file?
>> ...
>> The answer is that you don't actually want to do this. Really.
> Seconded.  And the voices in my head also agree.
I don't suppose you could cause all these users to be in a group 
together? That's the purpose of groups, although they don't seem to be 
used as much any more as they must have back in the V7 days.

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