[NCLUG] [OT] Old "vintage" computers

Marcio Luis Teixeira marciot at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 5 16:20:25 MDT 2009

Recently Dave Wild, IT Manager at CollegeAmerica (where NCLUG meets and where I used to meet) contacted me about possibly getting rid of a couple old computers that used to be a part of my "computing museum" there at the college. I picked up a platinum Mac Plus, but the following may be available: 
   1) a beige Mac Plus (not sure whether they were giving this guy away)
   2) a platinum Mac SE (with internal HD).
   3) A PowerMac 7500/75

Last I checked, these all still work and boot. There is also a functional IBM PS/1 model 2011 computer and a non-functional Tandy TRS-80. If you have an interest in these vintage computers, talk to Dave Wild or Dawn Banks at the college for more information.

I've been trying to find homes for this old hardware in various mailing lists, but so far everything has fallen through (mostly because most out-of-towners balk at the prospect of paying to ship these!). I understand they need the space for other things, so I'm doing my best to try and keep these from ending up in a landfill (or worst, in my tiny condo, where a lot of stuff like this tends to end up!)

-- Marcio


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