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Yuri Csapo ycsapo at mines.edu
Mon Apr 6 08:31:55 MDT 2009

We have plans (or used to have before recent budget concerns) for a 
computer museum here at the Colorado School of Mines. We already have 
some great stuff such as a PDP-5 in working condition. I'll look into it 
and see what we can do about it. For starters, where exactly is this 



Marcio Luis Teixeira wrote:
> Recently Dave Wild, IT Manager at CollegeAmerica (where NCLUG meets and where I used to meet) contacted me about possibly getting rid of a couple old computers that used to be a part of my "computing museum" there at the college. I picked up a platinum Mac Plus, but the following may be available: 
>    1) a beige Mac Plus (not sure whether they were giving this guy away)
>    2) a platinum Mac SE (with internal HD).
>    3) A PowerMac 7500/75
> Last I checked, these all still work and boot. There is also a functional IBM PS/1 model 2011 computer and a non-functional Tandy TRS-80. If you have an interest in these vintage computers, talk to Dave Wild or Dawn Banks at the college for more information.
> I've been trying to find homes for this old hardware in various mailing lists, but so far everything has fallen through (mostly because most out-of-towners balk at the prospect of paying to ship these!). I understand they need the space for other things, so I'm doing my best to try and keep these from ending up in a landfill (or worst, in my tiny condo, where a lot of stuff like this tends to end up!)
> -- Marcio
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