[NCLUG] Suggestions for a distro change

Yuri Csapo ycsapo at mines.edu
Tue Apr 7 08:47:54 MDT 2009

Kevin H. Olson wrote:
> distributions. I've read the basic stuff, and I think, for example, that 
> Ubuntu is not appropriate since these are not desktop machines.

Ubuntu is not just for desktops! Lookup Ubuntu server LTS. LTS stands 
for "Long Term Support", in the case of Server it means 5 years. That 
means you don't have to upgrade in 5 years, unless you want to; and 
there will be security updates available for that whole period.

If you're coming from the RedHat ecosphere you will probably find things 
a bit different than you're used to and I volunteer to answer any 
questions - I'm a big fan of Ubuntu Server and we run several of them 
here at the School of Mines (as well as RHEL, CentOS, etc.).

Good luck!

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