[NCLUG] Re: xbox install - anybody got a dongle/game DVD

John Gilmore jgilmore at glycou.com
Sat Jan 10 11:34:40 MST 2009

My motivation here is the fact that I gave my TiVo back when I quit my job
with TiVo tech support. I was using it (my children were using it) just as a
way of accessing all the media (music and movies both) on my computer. So I
figure a modded xbox running mythTV would work wonderfully. And maybe I
could run an emulator or two as well, that would be nice. We miss our TiVo.

I tried to buy a chip last week, but the purchase wouldn't go through - got
a server error. I couldn't find anybody to buy a chip from that would take

On Mon, Jan 5, 2009 at 9:47 AM, Paul Hummer <paul at eventuallyanyway.com>wrote:

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> John Gilmore wrote:
> > How expensive was that chip? Sounds a great deal simpler to me... I'd
> rather
> > solder something that mess around with a save game. Especially since
> messing
> > around with a save game may mean I need to borrow a game, and a DVD
> drive,
> > and the saved game hardware. And then return them all.
> >
> I toasted an Xbox motherboard with a bad chip.  Read the reviews before
> buying a
> chip.  They usually run for about $20, some of them are solderless, some of
> them
> only work an certain revs of the Xbox motherboard.
> I've had my Xbox for two years now, and have yet to actually get out and
> get the
> required stuff for modding it.  :/
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