[NCLUG] Follow-up question on distro change suggestions

Kevin H. Olson k.h.olson at att.net
Tue May 19 08:56:55 MDT 2009


  Thank you to everyone who provide such thoughtful and 
thought-provoking replies to my earlier inquiry about changing 
distributions from Fedora to something else.

  We are in the process of putting together a QFD to help us finalize 
the decision process. It has been a very educational experience.

  I have one question which someone on this list might know. Has anyone 
tried installing the software from CryptoCARD on Ubuntu or Debian? The 
official policy of CryptoCARD is RedHat, but that doesn't mean it won't 
work just fine on other distributions.

  Thank you again for all of the replies.


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