[NCLUG] Looking for co-location space

Michael Milligan milli at acmeps.com
Fri Jun 4 03:00:22 MDT 2010

Jeffrey D. Means wrote:
> I would recommend FRII.  They have always provided me with great service. 

Depending on your uptime needs, I would mostly concur except for a
6-hour complete outage late last year which put them in a three-9's
uptime category...  they didn't really have redundant paths down to
Level3, their only upstream at the time, and Level3 lost an entire
router and didn't have a spare.  (I was told both links had been
terminated on that same router... wtf you might rightfully ask...
perhaps I was being told a "story" because that's just downright
incompetent.)  Anyway, looks like they've brought back Cogent as an
additional upstream now which is good...  but they are still in the
doghouse with me.  Never even got a "sorry, we made a mistake, we'll do
better" letter/email from the CEO, much less a $$ credit.  YMMV.


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