[NCLUG] Anyone interested in .bit domain names?

Sean Reifschneider jafo at tummy.com
Tue Nov 1 11:08:35 MDT 2011

I'm kind of excited about the .bit TLD, which is fairly experimental right
now (meaning you can't just look up names in .bit without a name server
that supports it), so for example at the moment to look up "example.bit"
you either need a name server that supports it or you can look up
"example.namecoin.us" (which mirrors .bit into .namecoin.us).

I'm excited about it because it promises to be a  domain without a central
registration authority.  It is secured through a peer to peer network based
on the same ideas behind bitcoin, but instead of bitcoins you use
namecoins.  It currently costs around 4 namecoins to register a domain.

I have some spare namecoins, if anyone would like a .bit domain let me know
and I'll give some to you.  You will need to download the "namecoin"
software, run "namecoind" in the background, and then run "namecoind
getaddress" and send that address to me.  Remember to do "reply to sender"
rather than "reply to list" if you are just sending me your address
(discussion should go to the list, even if it contains an address, the
address is not private).

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