[NCLUG] FS: HP Visualize B1000 workstation

Bruehl, Matthew matthew.bruehl at intel.com
Thu Jan 5 10:02:48 MST 2012

Selling my unused B1000.  Here is the marketing-speak:

The HP9000 Visualize Workstation family is built  with powerful processors, fast graphics subsystems, increased disk, ram and I/O capabilities, and UNIX windows NT interoperability.   This design machine delivers fast application performance and a 64 bit cpu using the PA-8500 processor and SDRAM and ultra2 SCSI LVD Disks. Like the other HP VISUALIZE systems, the B1000 workstation is built for people who need to solve the toughest design problems in reduced time. The HP VISUALIZE Workstation family has it all: powerful processors, the industry's fastest graphics subsystems, increased disk, RAM and I/O capabilities, and UNIX-Windows NT interoperability. In short, the HP VISUALIZE B1000 is the ultimate design machine.

The HP VISUALIZE B1000 Workstation delivers fast application performance, large disk and RAM capacity and a 64-bit CPU - all at a great price. This next-generation HP-UX system will transform your design and engineering work with affordable, category-leading performance. The HP VISUALIZE B1000 provides the power of the new HP PA-8500 processor and multiple new technologies, such as SDRAM and Ultra2 SCSI LVD disks. Add easy integration with Windows NT systems and great investment-protection characteristics and you have excellent value in an engineering workstation.

The HP VISUALIZE B1000 Workstation is open and expandable, accommodating more disk, RAM or I/O capability within the box. The B1000 is also binary compatible with your existing PA-RISC applications and data. Looking ahead, today's HP-UX operating system puts you on the best path to tomorrow's IA-64 architecture, the future of technical computing. Working closely with Intel, HP is at the forefront of this effort to deliver this next-generation microprocessor architecture.

2x 18GB Ultra2 wide LVD SCSI drives
Visualize fxe graphics card
32x cdrom drive
512 MB Ram
10/100 BaseT NIC
USB ports
SCSI connectors including Ultra2 Wide Low-Voltage Differential and Ultra Narrow Single-Ended SCSI
(Monitor, keyboard and mouse NOT included)

I have PA-linux installed, but you'll need to do a clean re-install from CDROM.  Of you could re-install HP-UX (!!!).

Asking $80.  Email me direct mbruehl1 at gmail dot com

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