[NCLUG] Partition ownership

Kerry Miller n0wiq at comcast.net
Sat Oct 20 04:36:18 MDT 2012

Hi People,

I have known about chown for years I was hoping there was something I 
could put in to fstab to make this a one step adjustment.

Kerry N0WIQ
My web site URL is:

On 10/19/2012 02:54 PM, Aaron D. Johnson wrote:
> In message<5081AF1E.6010306 at comcast.net>, N0WIQ writes:
>> I have re-installed Fedora 17 on my quad core AMD laptop.  I have added
>> to /etc/fstab:
>> LABEL=Downloads        /home/kerrym2/Downloads        auto
>> defaults,user    0 0
>> This doese NOT give my user write privileges to the partition. how do I
>> change this to give write privileges to the user?
> After you have it mounted:
>    sudo chown kerrym2 /home/kerrym2/Download
> And then, as kerrym2, you can set the permissions using chmod (you'll
> want something like "chmod u+w /home/kerrym2/Download").  I'll let the
> Fedorans chime in about any SELinux labeling that might be needed.
> - Aaron
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