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Tue Jun 4 12:25:35 MDT 2013

I saw reference to something similar in a previous caldera documentation
that said you could bump it to 5 and then it will start up at the X login


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> As others have mentioned, you probably want to start X-windows to get the
> GUI environment.
> I'd strongly recommend you get a slightly more recent distribution though.
> For example, Mandrake is up to 8.2 or so right now.  Mandrake 7.2 is at
> least a year old, probably more.  I've had a little time to play with a
> more recent Mandrake system, and I must say that it's got quite a few
> improvements.
> I installed KRUD 7.2 (basically, a slightly updated RedHat 7.2) for my
> and set it up with KDE, and she *LOVES* it.  I don't think she's booted
> back into Windows since I installed the dual-boot system after doing a
> re-load of Windows for her (it had gotten totally crufty).
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